Who Are We?

Shoestring Productions - 

                    Shoestring Productions was started in 2004 by Kim Koon. We have been traveling and doing shows (expos) since the beginning. The business is an "at home" business. Over the years we have come out with hundreds of kits. When it was first started we did not have a pazzle or laser cutting system, in fact all parts where done with a copy machine. Within about two years we moved to copies and a few parts on a sizzix die cutting machine. When the business started to grow  we moved onto a Pazzle system. The Pazzle system was introduced in 2008. This was a major step for the business. However it has not been the biggest step, in 2010 a Laser System was purchased and quickly put into production. Since its purchase 2010, the machine has been producing perfectly cut parts for our kits. 



Kim L. Koon - Owner

                    Kim was drawn into the scrapbooking world many years ago when her mom took her to the scrapbook store. Since that day it has been her passion to give people the opportunity to scrapbook with these kits that are made up by her. She has created kits that are simple to put together for the more novice and difficult for those who enjoy the scrapbook challenge. Kim had the opportunity to start her business by first managing "Scrapbook Express" in Longview, WA in 2004. From there she launched her creative kits using products sold by Scrapbook Express. Thus, the launch of her own business which she still owns and operates today.


Eric J. White - Manager

                    Eric, the son of Kim, has been part of Shoestring Productions  since "day 1" when Kim decided to start the business. He runs all the technical parts of the company and the Laser system for cutting out all the intricate parts you see in the kits. He has his AA in IT recently graduated from University of Phoenix. In his spare time he is hobbyist photographer. He mainly takes candid style pictures however he has done other stuff as well. 


Krystine R. Rose - Online Order Rep. 

                    Krystine has been with us on and off for several years. Recently she joined our team again as the online orders rep. She has taken over online orders since the beginning of September 2017 to ensure our online orders can be filled while owner and manager are at shows. She too has a passion for scrapbooking and photography.